My heart is the sunshine that lights up my path and a compass I use to direct my journey. I let it guide me and those I love to enfold the precious stories we have and discover the wonder of what life has in store for all of us.

I desire that this light I have in my heart will light up yours. Sharing it with you, and helping you discover the power of bringing dreams to life - is the calling I have in my life.

Every year we travel around Europe for a few months - Below, is our calendar.

 Whatever stories you have, whether it's a business dream, a love story, or your precious family - I will be ready with my heart, and my camera.

When I asked the person closest to me to describe me, he said. "You are a dream chaser".

My husband is absolutely right, and I have a little feeling, that you are too. Perhaps we can be at the same place, at the same time? Is it a serendipitous occurrence; or perhaps, it is fate?

I will see you there, x

From my heart to yours

July - Paris, Spain
August - Loire Valley, Puglia
September - Amalfi Coast, Paris, Provence


2ND JULY 2023 - 26th SEPT 2023

Our schedule can be adjusted to potentially accomodate other european regions
outside our booked projects, please enquire for details.

WILL our stars align?

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