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In the 1:1 consultation there are 3 stages

- An email that you will send to me detailing your biggest current struggle
- A video call to identify the strengths and opportunities you have currently, and I will share my advice and an actionable plan. 
- A follow up video call to follow up and establish a second strategy plan
- I suggest to use one session for one struggle for maximum impact
- The duration of the calls is 1 hour each

If you require a more intensive 1:1 you are welcome to let me know for a personalised mentoring session




- Amelia Soegijono -

YOUR talent is a gift to the world and it needs you to make it a better place for all.
They have been placed in you intentionally, never a coincidence

Every story in its own way is relatable in many ways and it's great to know I am not the only onegoing through these situations, no matter how different, it's still very similar.  Thank you so much for creating content that is inspiring, not just the book but your work as well.  It's really beautiful and most inspiring.  Thank you so very much!
- Azalea

I have already read all the stories and want to go over and over them again to gleam all the business gems and see which story i am the most, as I feel like I'm all of them

- Judy

I read through THE FIVE DREAMERS in 34 minutes and without a doubt one of the most inspiring books I read - trust me, I have worked through a lot of workbooks and workshops. 

It is short and sweet and has such a big punch - I could see myself and my business problems in each story!

- Anika

reviews and love notes

I love love love the contents and exercises that you have there. No matter where you are in your journey, you'll always need that e-book! To remind yourself to breathe, focus on your goals and dream big again and again! It's so inspiring and I can feel that it's written from your heart to ours!  It’s something I’d do over and over again when I’m lost or feeling uninspired.  It's a book that will be cherished forever!

- Yvonne


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