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In the 1:1 consultation there are 3 stages

- An email that you will send to me detailing your biggest current struggle
- A video call to identify the strengths and opportunities you have currently, and I will share my advice and an actionable plan. 
- A follow up video call to follow up and establish a second strategy plan
- I suggest to use one session for one struggle for maximum impact
- The duration of the calls is 1 hour each

If you require a more intensive 1:1 you are welcome to let me know for a personalised mentoring session




- Amelia Soegijono -

YOUR talent is a gift to the world and it needs you to make it a better place for all.
They have been placed in you intentionally, never a coincidence

You showed me everything that is possible... I need to let go of feeling so far behind everyone else and just start asking for what I want in my life.

My first shoot after the workshop is going to be featured in Once Wed at the end of the year and I am just editing my second one I just did in Hawaii!

- Catherine

"I wanted to thank you again for the workshop. Changes are happening slowly and you were a part of it. I have worked hard on myself, surrounded myself with the right people and it changed everything. I attracted only good things, the universe is sending me wonderful clients to beautiful places and with prices I could no have thought to ask a few months ago. Magic is happening!"

- Claire

I read through THE FIVE DREAMERS in 34 minutes and without a doubt one of the most inspiring books I read - trust me, I have worked through a lot of workbooks and workshops. 

It is short and sweet and has such a big punch - I could see myself and my business problems in each story!

- Anika

reviews and love notes

I love love love the contents and exercises that you have there. No matter where you are in your journey, you'll always need that e-book! To remind yourself to breathe, focus on your goals and dream big again and again! It's so inspiring and I can feel that it's written from your heart to ours!  It’s something I’d do over and over again when I’m lost or feeling uninspired.  It's a book that will be cherished forever!

- Yvonne


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