I love my country dearly and we are going through a catastrophic bushfire season at the moment, having burned through 46 million acres of land and 1,800 buildings so far. We have also lost at least 33 precious lives and an estimated of over a billion wildlife. We hope to join hands with you to help the communities in our country to recover. 

The Five Dreamers
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Paris Workshop
* $200 of every seat sold for our Paris Workshop will be donated to Australian Red Cross. 

Thank you for your generosity and for bringing hope and love to Australia. I pray this book will inspire you to live your best lives now!

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Stories shape lives, inspire courage, birth dreams and share hope. 
The Five Dreamers details five stories I've come across in my mentoring journey:
- The wedding photographer who is fast approaching burn-out
- The destination wedding photographer who can't seem to raise her price
- The time-poor mom photographer who is risking too much
- The young photographer who is overwhelmed
- The upcoming photographer who wants to shoot destination work
- Homework checklist included to help you find your tangible next steps
- FREE Workbook for a limited time

This e-book culminates many hours spent helping these five dreamers through their real struggles as I equip them with actionable and simple principles to break the glass ceiling over their head. Together with a workbook that will help you work through a plan, I know their relatable stories will bless your growth!


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The Five Dreamers E-Book

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welcome to my inner circle

- Amelia Soegijono -

YOUR talent is a gift to the world and it needs you to make it a better place for all.
They have been placed in you intentionally, never a coincidence

You showed me everything that is possible... I need to let go of feeling so far behind everyone else and just start asking for what I want in my life.

My first shoot after the workshop is going to be featured in Once Wed at the end of the year and I am just editing my second one I just did in Hawaii!

- Catherine

"I wanted to thank you again for the workshop. Changes are happening slowly and you were a part of it. I have worked hard on myself, surrounded myself with the right people and it changed everything. I attracted only good things, the universe is sending me wonderful clients to beautiful places and with prices I could no have thought to ask a few months ago. Magic is happening!"

- Claire

I read through THE FIVE DREAMERS in 34 minutes and without a doubt one of the most inspiring books I read - trust me, I have worked through a lot of workbooks and workshops. 

It is short and sweet and has such a big punch - I could see myself and my business problems in each story!

- Anika

reviews and love notes

I love love love the contents and exercises that you have there. No matter where you are in your journey, you'll always need that e-book! To remind yourself to breathe, focus on your goals and dream big again and again! It's so inspiring and I can feel that it's written from your heart to ours!  It’s something I’d do over and over again when I’m lost or feeling uninspired.  It's a book that will be cherished forever!

- Yvonne


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