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Whether you would like to share your life stories, create meaningful content for your beautiful brands or need a helping hand with your growth as a passionate artist, I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.  

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We love them soooooooo much, we've just finished laughing and crying our way through the gallery. We are beyond happy!   Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts. We feel so lucky that you were not only available, though for everything that you did for us. We can't imagine the day any different or without you being a part of it 

"we've just finished laughing and crying our way through the gallery"

Joshua & Katherine

Amelia's work is absolutely heavenly. She is my favorite photographer ever!! Her use of film and her love for light create the most dreamy and beautiful scenes. Our wedding day photos are stunning and accurately depict the emotions and happiness I felt on our day! She is incredibly talented at styling as well.
I felt so comfortable and at ease in front of the lens, with her direction and vision. We will cherish these memories forever and I cannot wait to work with her again! I would recommend Amelia to anyone and everyone!!! She is also one of the kindest people I have ever met!

"her love for light create the most dreamy scenes"

William & CAPEN

There are no words that can do justice in describing the experience Amelia gave. She is not just your ordinary photographer. Amelia was with us right from the beginning of the planning process and we formed and a great bond with her and were able to be
completely  at ease on our wedding day.

"Amelia is genuinely an incredible delight and has effortlessly attained our trust."

ava and rund

One of the greatest photographers there is. Amelia has captured it all for us; our new house, our family and the birth of our 4th child, she shoots my events and enters a room with grace, ease and professionalism! 

"I Almost didn’t want to share this review because she is just so amazing, I want to selfishly keep her myself! "

Elka whalan

Amelia you have a gift beyond comprehension.  I knew you were a old, gentle soul. Your kind nature shows through your camera lens. Once I received the images, I was blown away. You captured light and depth. Softness, mood, and femininity - all good things my brand has long needed.
I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you invested into my brand.

"You gave me the direction I required
for my much needed brand revival."

Visually Creative

What I like most about Amelia is her thoughtfulness and passion to not just take photos but to tell stories. I am so grateful to have had her capture me and my love as we celebrate our baby girl.

"Amelia is a truly gifted creative with
a kind and generous soul"

SIerra & Jason

You, Amelia, with both your photographer’s eyes and your heart wide open, you brought another dimension to the idea of branding. Your way of focusing on the person creating, your empathy, your joyful, tender and compassionate listening skills sheds the most beautiful light on what is created.

 "thank you for expressing with your photography - like a poet would with words"

Laetitia c.

I feel so thankful to you for being such an amazing, caring and kind person. You have such a beautiful soul and all of this emotion and goodness comes across in and through your work. You are SO talented and passionate and I pray for your continued growth creatively as an artist.

"When I started the journey of looking for someone to capture our wedding I never even thought I'd find someone like you"

Dessi & BARTH

When you work with Amelia, you get more than just beautiful moments; her warmth and spirit is an integral part of the package. We were fortunate enough to have Amelia do the photos for our wedding and we just loved the entire experience - from the consultations, right through to the big day itself.

 "It never felt like a business transaction because of time she took to connect with uS on a personal level"

Julian & Luan

Her photography is beautiful and it is lovely that she strives to capture and convey one's personality through the images.

 I am so happy with the outcome. All
of my images are perfect!

 "She HAS A thoughtful, kind anD very calming influence through out the photoshoot."

Song Bird Silk

My husband and I have been so blessed to have met Amelia all those years ago and we were incredibly lucky to have her capture our big day. Amelia is truly in her element behind a camera and her passion and dedication shines through. The way she is able to capture the essence and emotion behind every special moment goes to show how talented she is as an artist.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our families were at ease and with her there, we were able to have our magical, stress-free day.

"Her photos are poetry in a still frame"

Queenie & George

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Amelia is based in Sydney, Australia but she also travels around the country and the world to unfold the most heartfelt and beautiful weddings, pre weddings, brand shoots for her lovers and dreamers

"Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures"

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