Besides documenting your life’s journey (the past), photography can also create a tangible view of your vision (the future). Giving life to the (possibly hidden) talents that you have is what sparks joy to me! 

That business that is speaking so loud in your mind you can no longer ignore it? Let’s bring it to life. Perhaps you have an incredible brand that is already serving the world with wonderful products. Let’s work together and add to your brand's image library and social media content.  Enabling you to connect effectively to your audience by moving emotions through heartfelt photography. 

Show me your heart, your life, your world and I’ll show you beauty, wonder and love. Photography is never a luxury, but a cherished investment.  My heart, is to gather treasures of memories for you that will be worth a billion hearts ...

Stories have the power to shape lives, inspire courage, birth dreams and spread hope. Photography breathes life into stories, artfully weaving colourful threads to create an enchanting tapestry. A timeless legacy that lives on.  

It would be my greatest honour to share the story of your most treasured and beloved moments, including:
• Weddings • Engagements • Portraits • Boudoir • Babies

Show me your heart, your life, your world
and I’ll show you beauty, wonder and love.


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paintING light, stories
and legacy witH love

Amelia Soegijono is a fine art film photographer who finds joy breathing life
to stories. She has the biggest smile, brightest heart and warmest personality. Having been trained in some of the world’s most prestigious art schools including Parsons School of Design in New York City, she has used her camera to create ethereal imageries for the longest time. Fashion photography inspires her, wedding photography wakes her up in the morning and humanity photography keeps her grounded. She is also a mentor to dreamers, helping them reach their full potential while finding fulfilment and deep joy in their calling. 

amelia soegijono

Meet your storyteller

Featured are some of my humanitarian photography works for Care for Carrera, Kids Club in East Timor and Diamond's Women Support. We donate at least 10% of our income to causes such as Westmead Children Hospital, World Vision, Unicef, Destiny Rescue and many others. Utter gratitude to my clients for being my partners in adding light into a more beautiful and kinder world.

I believe we have all been called to be a gift to the world, through our unique personalities and talents.  My love mission is to serve the cause of vulnerable women and children to help them live life to the full. Using the gift of photography to tell their stories, these beautiful organisations can share their message of hope with the world. This brings my heart unspeakable happiness. 

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