To me, photography is not a luxury anymore, it is a need, a cherished investment. Whenever I use my lens to tell a story for a project, I search relentlessly for those moments that will shape lives, inspire courage, birth dreams and spread hope - just the way I would like my stories to be told.

Stories, no matter how big or small, create the tapestry that make our lives worth living for.

It would give me the greatest joy and fulfilment to have the opportunity to unfold your stories. I hope to give you those photographs that are beyond beautiful. Photographs that will be vessels of precious conversations, where stories and legacies will flourish. Stories worth a billion hearts as they are passed on through family, friends, and the generations beyond the boundaries of our lifetime.

Whether it’s your wedding, your life milestones, family portraits or your dreams expressed through your business. Shall we touch your untold stories and give them life?

People always ask me, “What do you do, Amelia?”. For many years, I responded, “I photograph weddings, families and brands and I try to make people look as beautiful as I can.”

In 2018, seven people in my circle passed away. I had always been in denial about mortality. The thought of having to let go of someone forever was too much for my heart to bear.

The two that truly grieved me was the passing of my dear father in law who told my husband he made the right choice marrying me, and my darling grandmother who helped raise me into the woman that I am today. I wept and cried too many tears that year. My little heart was shaken so hard my head hurt just thinking of it.

Following the crushing loss of a loved one, we yearn to connect ourselves to their memories. To hold them close and relive the moments we shared. I was heartbroken to learn how few people had photographs which captured their beloved’s legacy. It wasn’t until I lost these precious souls that I realised how powerful photographs are, especially those that are created thoughtfully and intentionally. Every photograph is a tangible gift that connects us to those we love.

Show me your heart, your life, your world
and I’ll show you beauty, wonder and love.


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 From my heart to yours,
 Amelia xx

paintING light, stories
and legacy witH tenderness and heart

Amelia Soegijono is a fine art film photographer who finds joy in breathing life into stories. She has been known to have the ability to express photography - like a poet would with words. Having been trained in some of the world’s most prestigious art schools including Parsons School of Design in New York City, she has used her camera to create ethereal imageries for over 15 years. Fashion photography inspires her, wedding photography wakes her up in the morning and humanity photography keeps her grounded. She has the biggest smile, brightest heart and warmest personality. She dreams big and always wholeheartedly lets her heart guide her journey. She is also a mentor to dreamers, helping them reach their full potential while finding fulfilment and deep joy in their calling. Many have remarked that their lives are forever impacted after crossing paths with Amelia because she helped them discover the powerful light burning within them.

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Featured are some of my humanitarian photography works for Care for Carrera, Kids Club in East Timor and Diamond's Women Support. We donate at least 10% of our income to causes such as Westmead Children Hospital, World Vision, Unicef, Destiny Rescue and many others. Utter gratitude to my clients for being my partners in adding light into a more beautiful and kinder world.

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