I am, but a humble observer, fascinated by your stories,  enchanted by the fleeting moments of joy that often flit like butterflies. I watch with intentionality, listening to the the intricate melodies of your whispered heart.

Your eyes are the windows to the wonders of your soul, and the spark of love within them is not lost on me.
So fear not the passage of time, for the spark that ignited your tale shall remain aglow through our hearts colliding. 

I see you—I see your heart, your love, your vast dreams. Together, we will unfold the brilliance of your beautiful stories and savor your legacy for generations to come.

La Vie est Belle ~ Life is Beautiful

And so, your enchanted fairytale unfolds, an eternal tribute to the magic that lies within your hearts.

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 From my heart to yours,
 Amelia Soegijono

La ViE esT Belle
Life is Beautiful

Your story began with a spark.

What a magical spark it was.
A glimmer of curiosity, a thread of connection, and a dash of faith & courage. Such sparks are what stir the embers of our hearts and make life exciting, and beautiful.
Isn’t life beautiful? 

As an artist, I find my inspiration in those very stories and dreams that ignite deep joy within us all— the fluttery feelings that linger long after they've danced with the stars. Can you, too, remember the most impactful experiences of your life? The ones that sparked fire and joy, but leave footprints in the sands of time?

Fear not if those moments seem to dance on the fringes of your heart because I am here to hold them still for you, like fireflies in a moonlit meadow, and preserve them as your legacy.
These are the places deep within where dreams find their home, where courage and legacies weave their tapestry.

"I see you—I see your heart, your love, your vast dreams."

La Vie est Belle
Life is Beautiful

paintING light, stories & legacy witH love

Amelia Soegijono is a luxury fine art film photographer who brings stories to life with a touch of magic. Her whimsical nature and remarkable talent shine through as she captures the most extraordinary moments and curates treasured experiences. Amelia's work offers a unique and unparalleled perspective on weddings, life, businesses, and dreams – stories that are destined to become legacies.

With her timeless and elegant photography style, Amelia's artistry provides a heartwarming experience that lingers. Beyond her skill with the camera, she also serves as a mentor to dreamers, helping them realize their full potential and find deep fulfillment in their passions. Her enchanting retreats held annually in Europe are a testament to her dedication to guiding others towards their aspirations.

amelia soegijono

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Wedding Sparrow

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Featured are some of my humanitarian photography works for Care for Carrera, Kids Club in East Timor and Diamond's Women Support. We donate at least 10% of our income to causes such as Westmead Children Hospital, World Vision, Unicef, Destiny Rescue and many others. Utter gratitude to my clients for being my partners in adding light into a more beautiful and kinder world.

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