December 2015, I stared at the computer screen blankly.  Tears streaming down my face, battling with pain I struggled to express in words.   I knew I was an artist, but I felt uninspired, burnt out, broken and paralysed by the glass ceiling over my head. I didn’t know how to raise my prices. I dreamt of being flown across the world to photograph divine destination weddings but had no idea how to make that dream a reality. I was in Australia - so far away from the rest of the world. I was overworked and I felt like I was running in circles. Seeing what my peers were doing made me drown in terrible feelings of insecurity, causing me to doubt my abilities to the point of almost giving up photography...

Fast forward to the present time. I am alive, full of purpose and my heart is brimming with love and joy. Favour and divine opportunities seem to follow me, and my calendar is filling up with dream projects that makes my heart raw with wonder.  I spend 6 weeks in France every year and my schedule is full!  At my mentoring workshops, my desire is to inspire you to discover the sound of your soul, to find your path and book your dream clients. You will develop confidence and feel secure as a photographer whose work and calling cannot be equalled. I wish to help you realise the talents, value and beauty that lie within you. To equip you with practical, life-changing tools, resources and perspectives that will unearth your hidden calling. Whatever goal you have for the next step, I am going to hold your hand and help you reach it - but only if you will let me...

1-3 JUne 2020
paris - france

Amelia Soegijono WORKSHOp

my story - my journey

-You know you are meant for more but you are stuck

this workshop is for you if

"I wanted to thank you again for the workshop.  Changes are happening slowly and you were a part of it.  I have worked hard on myself, surrounded myself with the right people and it changed everything.  I attracted only good things, the universe is sending me wonderful clients to beautiful places and with prices I could no have thought to ask a few months ago.  Magic is happening!"

Claire - ASP workshop 2019
A few months after the workshop

-You want to be a happy and successful photographer

-You want to attract your dream clients 

- You want to know how Amelia creates the soft
and beautiful colours in her work

-You want clients who appreciate your work and pay your worth

-You want to know how to get your work noticed

-You want to know how to raise your prices and book luxury weddings

-You want to know how to get booked for destination projects

-You just want someone who has been there to hold your hand
and tell your exactly what your next step is going to be

- You LOVE Paris and is a hopeless romantic like Amelia!

UPDATE: We have unfortunately cancelled the 2020 workshop because of the C19 situation.

Register your interest for 2022 workshop in paris here

In this workshop, our dream is to give you the ability to come home with inspirations and content that reflects your unique brand, style and voice. You’ll have a clear step-by-step vision to help reach your next milestone - whether it's to raise your prices, book your next destination wedding or just find greater clarity for your brand.

During the workshop breaks, we will enjoy a variety of classic Parisian foods, such as freshly baked croissants and the most heavenly pastries, zesty orange juice and robust coffee to awaken your senses and get your creativity flowing. 

The heart of the workshop is for you to discover your unique story, so we will start with a focus on understanding your brand and the message you want to share with the world. Through the workshop, you will have an intentional way of savouring this experience, and time to reflect on how it will impact your brand.

Our classes are not the typical student-to-teacher format but will be interactive and practical. You will have Amelia's trusted copywriter helping you all write your ready-to-go bios for your IG, along with the guys from Amelia's film labs to answer any questions you have under the sun about film, light and development. Sarah, the talented stylist, and Amelia will be mentoring you as you practice your flat lay skills. There will be more surprises along the way!

Besides the classes, who doesn’t love shopping? Our lovely, French wedding planner is our tour guide and will take us to the secret places only the locals know about! From flea markets to boutiques tucked away in little laneways. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to find some hidden Parisian treasures. 

Together, we will unfold an incredibly heartfelt editorial at the enchanting Chateau de Vilette. There will also be a sunrise shoot around the Eiffel Tower (ooh là là!) and surrounds. By the end of the workshop, you will not only walk away with increased confidence about your place in this world and why the world needs you, but you will actually have the tools in your hands to get one, if not many, step closer to your dreams!!!

1-3 JUne 2020, paris - france


asp paris workshop 2019


Bonjour Amelia! I just wanna say thank you (formally and properly) from the bottom of my heart for having a vision for the Paris workshop and for making it come true. Before going to this workshop, I was anxious for the future. But my eyes were opened and I got excited when you said that this is actually a “golden opportunity”
-Aliki Anadena

"my eyes were opened"


I see you like a mentor. Someone wise, not just an immensely talented photographer. 
I am now more confident as a photographer.
I feel supported and heard. Everyone needs a person like you in their life. It should be mandatory!
- Claire Eyos

"You removed a blockagE I HAD.
I am so thankful"


Listening through Amelia’s sessions, I felt inexplicably moved through out the two days. She could truly understand the difficulties and bottlenecks we were and are facing, and she gave us faith and encouragement through genuinely talking through her utmost personal stories and past experiences
- Angel Cheung




It wasn't sad tears it was a release of energy and limiting beliefs. I have never had someone see me and hold space for me and pray for my happiness. it was an emotional experience for me.
You showed me everything that is possible.
- Catherine Worsley





Bonjour Amelia!

I just wanna say thank you (formally and properly) from the bottom of my heart for having a vision for the Paris workshop and for making it come true.

Before going to this workshop, I was anxious for what the future holds. But my eyes were opened and I got excited when you said the space that held my anxiety is actually a place for “golden opportunity”.

All of a sudden that anxiety was replaced by excitement for the fresh new possibilities.
From the way you interact your clients (speaking, posing, gifting) and all of your efforts, now I understand why you’re successful.

I always hear people’s advice that you have to go “above and beyond for your clients” - but I never understood or knew how much of “above and beyond” they were talking about.

I see YOUR above and beyond and it really
inspires me.
Now I understand :)

I have to share this good news with you. The styled shoot I did in Jakarta  is going to get featured on Greylikes Weddings!!!!

- Aliki Anadena


First of all, thank you again for the workshop, it was an extraordinary experience. I was right when I said that I wanted to learn from you more than just your photographic experience. 

You express your passion, your mission, your love with a lot of respect, wisdom and altruism. 
You are way more than a photographer, or an artist. Your patience and your charisma really inspired me. In my opinion, it is important to have a picture of a woman who inspires us in this world where women still have a small place. To me, you are one of these people who inspire me to be the best version of myself. 

Through your workshop, I found my faith that I lost few years ago. And I am more inspired and motivated than ever when it comes to photography. I am more motivated than ever in my projects and want to thank you again a million times.

-Claire Eyos

When you have been so busy doing the same thing for a long while, you often feel lost. At this point, some choose to keep moving forward persistently, but more people give up.

I feel extremely fortunate that, just when I was hitting a roadblock on my photography journey, the workshop in Taiwan took place and taught not only the techniques of film photography, but more importantly, it helped us find our innermost voice - and discover our true inner artist. 

Amelia shared with complete transparency and openness, enlightening our thoughts and perspectives about photography. Listening through her sessions, I felt inexplicably moved throughout the two days. She truly understood the difficulties and bottlenecks we were facing. 
In this fast-paced world we always try to push for efficiency in trying to achieve “success”. If we don’t reach our goals in such limited time, we start doubting ourselves and want to give up completely. However, Amelia reminded me that the process is always far more fruitful and important than the outcome itself. If we keep moving towards the right direction, even with challenges along the way, we will eventually reach our goal.

I look forward to joining another workshop experience, chasing and achieving our dreams together!!

- Angel Cheung

It wasn't sad tears, it was a release of energy and limiting beliefs. I have never had someone see me
and hold space for me and pray for my happiness... it was an emotional experience for me.

You showed me everything that is possible... I need to let go of feeling so far behind
everyone else and just start asking for what I want in my life.

I have to pinch myself that I was there and watched you create them.
Thank you for the chance to shoot with you in Paris...
I am blessed to have had the opportunity to create beside you.

My first shoot after the workshop is going to be featured on Once wed at the end of the year and I am just editing my second one I just did in Hawaii. Hopefully I can get one more done this year... (: 

- Catherine Worsley




Taipei and sydney(2018), paris (2019)

Latest workshop photoshoots

1. How much experience do I need to be able to join this workshop?
- You need to know the basics of your camera to be able to get the maximum impact from this workshop.  Check out your local photography studios, they usually have classes/courses for beginners.  Otherwise whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for 5+ years, you are welcome!

2.  Is this for digital/film photographers?
- You can do both!!! Amelia is a hybrid photographer who shoots both. During the class with the film lab, it's good to know about film so that if one day you would like to explore it, you would have some understanding already.

3. Is accomodation included?
- The accomodation and travels to Paris are not included.  We provide the travels from the airbnb to the Chateau which is an hour away.

4. Can I share accomodation with another attendee?
- Absolutely, we will create and IG group with all the attendees so you can find someone to share with!


Paris 2019

Sydney, 2018

Taipei 2018


We are extremely humbled and thankful for all the incredible vendors, partners and sponsors who have given their precious talents and time to make these workshops a reality for all of us.  We owe our journey to your generosity.  
Special mention to Olea & Fig and Samantha Bottelier Events who have been paramount in bringing these dreamy editorials and experiences to life and to have created such exquisite experiences for all of the attendees.

IMMENSE GRATITUDE to our past sponsors

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

-  Helen Keller

Workshop partner (Elan Vital series), production  and creative direction Olea and Fig  -  Flowers Twig Studio Taiwan -  Robe Domenica Domenica - White ballet dress Carol Hannah Bridal - Hairpiece for ballet and engagement shoot Rosa Bella - Design & Handmade - White wedding and blush engagement dress  JE Haute Couture - Engagement suit Chapeaunoir Workshop - Shoes Bella Belle -  -  Makeup and Hair Gini Lee  -  Film Lab Artisan Lab  -  Videography  Lifeboat Film  -  Rings DDS Diamond  -  Invitations  Joyce Chiang  -  Ring box  Voeu Du Coeur 


Taipei, taiwan

Sydney, Australia

Workshop partner (Elan Vital series), production  and creative direction Olea and Fig  - Venues Hopewood House -Bridal Boutique Helen Rodrigues Bridal - Wedding Dresses Alon Livne White and Inbal Dror - Wedding Films Anne Esteban Productions - Shoes Bella Belle Shoes - Film Lab Atkins Pro Lab - Silk Ribbons Songbird Silk - Styling Mat The Styling Mat - Cakes Sugar Pot - Flowers Alice Beasley Flowers - Hair, Makeup & Beauty Kaori Harigae 
- Modeling Vivien's Model Management - Calligraphy White Ink Design Co. - Ring Boxes Voeu du Coeur

Charity Partner - Diamond Women's Support


Paris, France

Workshop wedding planner - Samantha Bottelier Events - Wedding Venue Chateau De Santeny - Florals Laure Guingand - Fashion styling for Chateau shooe Alexander Gotama - Fashion Styling for Parisian and Engagement Shoot  Sierra Ramke Creative - Chateau Wedding gown (with bows)Alon Livne White from Bridal boutique Vivienne Paris Bride - Chateau Wedding gown (with crystals) Fericci Official - Chateau Hair & make-up Reina Kim - Shoes Bella Belle Shoes - Earrings Maison Roe - Table rentals Vaiselle Vintage - Chateau Stationery Inkberry Calligraphy - Parisian Stationery Papier Handmade -  Ribbons Song Bird Silk - Lingerie The Lace Atelier - Video Rouge Wedding  - Parisian and Engagement Gowns Babushka Ballerina - Parisian makeup and hair Kassaundra Stephens - Engagement Makeup and Hair Margot Moine - Parisian Rings Kaitlin James Design - Parisian Video Oryx Production Paris - Chateau turban headpiece Johanna Braitbart 



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