A Charming and Nostalgic Wedding at Hopewood House in the Southern Highlands

Andrea and Dom gathered their closest and dearest for a magical celebration of their love story at Hopewood House, nestled in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  First established in 1884, the rich history, elegant gardens and charming architecture of this grand estate was the perfect setting for their remarkable day.

The beautiful bride, Andrea, was facing away from the door when her dad walked in. The mood was silence and anticipation. From the look in his eyes, we could almost feel the stillness of his breath. She turned around I saw a twinkle in her dad’s eyes.

Her sister gently said, “Dad, do you recognise this dress?” He had to catch another breath. Holding back his tears of joy and pride, he said, “I believe I have seen this…40 years ago.”

Andrea told me that when she was trying to find a wedding dress, her mom casually mentioned to her, just for her amusement, “why don’t you just try my dress on?” That moment was all it took for her to find her wedding gown.

A treasure from the past, a gift to her future.

Andrea wore a delicately reworked version of her mom’s priceless wedding dress for her special day.

As dream clients go, they don’t get better than Andrea. If only I can raise my daughter to be like her – someone with a heart that cherishes her family’s roots, stories and legacies. I will be such a proud mom!

I asked for a photograph of Andrea’s mother on her wedding day (pictured above). We placed a little offcut of the lace from the dress on this flat lay, together with other little bits and pieces which tell their story.

and Dom’s love for peacocks…

I wandered everywhere around the estate that morning, trying to find some peacock feathers to make sure they were a part of this precious story! My ultimate goal for them was not to just tell the story of their wedding day, but of their life…as much as I could.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, Andrea’s mom and dad were over the moon. The lovebirds were madly in love, the bridal party had the most gorgeous time of their lives celebrating their friendships, the guests laughed, drank, dined and celebrated this timeless, heartfelt love story. It was absolutely a day that will never be forgotten.

(thank you so much for these undeserving words Andrea and Dom!!!)

“I will never have the right words to express how much love and gratitude I have for you capturing and being part of our day Amelia!!! You have been the best we could ever wish for. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!!!”

– Andrea and Dom

March 1, 2020

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