A Heartwarming Family Photoshoot in the Embrace of Home

In a world that constantly moves at lightning speed, where every moment is filled with the hustle and bustle of busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. In the midst of this chaos, I had a vision, a dream of a place where time stood still, where families could step into a world devoid of rushing, and truly be present with their loved ones. This dream became a reality this year at the enchanting Summerhope house.

Imagine a place where you can celebrate, laugh, and hold your precious ones without the pressures of chasing time. A place where the moments stretch out in front of you, untethered to the confines of a ticking clock. Jackie, a mother from Hong Kong, wondered whether this 5 hours photo session would be too long. But I asked her, is there ever a moment when it’s too long to have a good time and take a mini getaway to reconnect with the ones you love?

Jackie embraced the idea and brought her family to Summerhope house. The experience was heartfelt. Our talented makeup artist made her look beautiful, enhancing her natural radiance. And when they arrived, we embarked on a journey together, creating beautiful portraits that captured the essence of their family. In the strokes of pencils, they sketched their dreams, that they would frame and take home as a reminder of the adventure that awaits them – a journey to see the exotic animals in Africa, a symbol of their boundless aspirations.

But the experience didn’t end there. We did a cheeky Easter egg hunt, the excitement and joy filling the air as they discovered hidden treasures. They laughed as they swung high on the swing, feeling the wind in their hair and the weightlessness of freedom. Together, we spread out a picnic blanket in the gardens, savoring delicious treats like the cake and dad’s favourite fried chicken without feeling rushed or restrained. We indulged in the sweetness of life, with beer and champagne flowing, raising glasses to love, to family, to this precious moment.

And then, we ventured into the vegetable patch. The little one was delighted as she found a little strawberry! It was a reminder of the beauty that lies in simplicity, the joy of connecting with nature and the earth.

As a photographer, I am grateful for the opportunity to create these timeless experiences for my clients, moments that will be etched in their hearts forever. The images we capture, the stories we tell, they are more than just pictures. They embody the meaning of family, the importance of cherishing every fleeting moment, and the luxury of authentic, heartfelt connections.

At Summerhope house with the heritage collection, time is not our enemy but a companion, allowing us to linger in blissful moments, to breathe deeply, and to appreciate the precious gift of time spent with loved ones. It is my hope that through my photography, I can continue to facilitate these meaningful experiences, leaving my clients with a lifetime of fond memories and a heightened appreciation for the beauty and sweetness of life.

” La vie est belle “

Photography Amelia Soegijono – Hair and makeup Kaori Harigae

July 25, 2023

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