Portraits With Christina’s Grandmother

This story I am sharing today is such a special one. It doesn’t have glorious gowns nor sweet smelling flowers, but it is one that reached to the deepest parts of my heart.  

A few years ago, we photographed Christina and James’ wedding at Gunners Barracks. I remember Christina telling us that her grandmother is very, very precious to her. Eventually, I learnt that Christina’s grandmother raised her and her 3 other cousins single handedly. I had so much respect for this incredible woman because she reminded me of my own grandmother, who lovingly looked after us so that my parents could focus on working hard to build a better life for us. After school, I would be dropped off at her house and she would take care of us. I remember waking up every day, to the smell of freshly baked bread. I miss her so so dearly. Having experienced this story personally helped me to understand Christina’s heart.

A few months ago, Christina saw a post I did on IG. She felt she really needed to do a portrait session with her grandmother, to capture the remarkable woman who helped shape Christina’s heart from a tender age. I am so beyond grateful she did. This photoshoot gifted me so much more than the photographs I gave to Christina.

We photographed these stories at home, because that’s where a family’s love is born! Christina was so amazing at bringing all the memories together. We figured out that Grandma had taught them all to cook; so she organised the girls to make some dumplings on the shoot day.  They surely had Grandma’s approval when she said they were delicious! 🙂 I asked her to describe the girls one by one. “We have a cheeky one”, she said, “but they are very very good girls.” Big tears poured out of my heart when Grandma said, “I love you girls very, very much.”  How can they not turn out as beautiful as they are, they are raised by such an incredible woman!

Grandma, you are so loved!!!!!!!! and so very beautiful…

Grandma went travelling one day and brought all the girls matching rings which became family treasures, and I am glad we have captured all the girls wearing them! One other scene that was really memorable to me, was one of her little great granddaughter, holding the pink backpack that they used to have. It transported me back to the times when the girls were actually small, holding those bags…

Grandma also sews all the buttons from their uniform when they were little, and for some reason, I had with me my own grandmother’s vintage sewing kit. I felt so moved that Grandma used it to recreate that moment of sewing her granddaughter’s clothes so lovingly.  

Grandma’s love…a gorgeous light weaving all their lives together…

Now that they are all grown up, she must be so proud. Christina is such a precious, wonderful granddaughter, and for her to take the time to invest in this portrait session to celebrate their love and life’s memories together, I am utterly moved…

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to all of us. You remind us all to give generously our respect and love to our older generation, who have sacrificed so much for us and paved the way…

Grandma, may the love that you hold in your heart and the rich tapestry of memories that you hold in your mind fill every day of your life with wonder. May you know how truly, deeply and wonderfully loved you are

” A garden of love grows in grandmother’s heart” – author unknown

July 29, 2020

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