Summerhope House — A Rose for Natasha

When Natasha contacted me to photograph her maternity photoshoot, I asked her for a story that was special to her and her husband. After a while, she told me of the first flower that Derek gave her — a deep red rose. That was more than enough for a story to unfold.  A gorgeous red rose marked their journey as lovers, and now as parents.

She came with a blossoming, full belly of 36 weeks and we photographed her in Summerhope house — a home my husband and I built to honour the legacy of our little girl “baby Summer.”  There couldn’t have been a more perfect background to share the story of baby Gemma’s soon-to-be arrival. 

We immersed Natasha in the prettiest blooms and soft, milky waters in our antique French bath. Some of our team members couldn’t hold back their tears as they saw this scene unfold. It was so delicate and precious.

Then we moved to the living room, where Derek and Natasha looked back on their journey. As they leafed through a box that journaled their fondest memories, from their engagement to their wedding, Derek planted a soft kiss on her forehead creating the sweetest moment and another precious thread to add to their story…

Natasha adores fashion and is inspired by beautiful surroundings, so we had her wear an ethereal grey tulle dress in the sunroom to capture those graceful, delicate layers of fabric.

And next, we captured her with the heart of her story — the red rose — a breathtaking contrast against her rich black dress. Two lovers embracing beneath a sweeping veil, gently laying a hand on the promise of new life that swells beneath them.

We photographed this story in about 8 hours, serenaded by French love songs, in a light-drenched space, surrounded by the divine fragrance of the most beautiful of blooms. It was an experience that we hope blessed the new parents and baby Gemma, as much as it has blessed us. 

Wishing you soon-to-be three a life of bliss and happily ever after! xxx

“True love is like little roses, sweet and fragrant in small doses.” — Ana Claudia Antunes

Photography and story by @AmeliaSoegijonoPhoto for Natasha and Derek

Styling @rebeccaalonzo – Flowers @madelineanne_stylist – Calligraphy @azalea_calligraphy – Veils @madametulle – Hat @hmcdowall – Grey gown @trulaceartistry

May 30, 2021

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