Michela and Sean’s Beach Engagement Session in Avalon

I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Michela Sorensen. She is a very much loved and respected GP who practiced out of Double Bay Doctors clinic in NSW. She is a strong advocate for women’s mental health and wellbeing and also does incredible work for the rural community. You might know her from her frequent appearances on Channel 7’s morning show!

I felt so humbled when Michela was willing to trust me with unfolding her story through an engagement photoshoot with her fiance Sean! We caught up on Skype and chatted about her story and what a perfect weekend in her life would look like. Michela shared that it would revolve around books and quiet, peaceful time in the northern beaches of Sydney – Avalon.

Michela found this perfect shack where they spent precious time being with each other. I wished for them to have authentic, raw and heartfelt stories that they could carry within the layers of these beautiful photographs. We spoke of their love for playing sudoku when they first moved in together – because there was no internet!

Michela brought her journal and their favourite books along to the shack. They spent precious time on the nearby jetty just being with each other, lapping up their love and soaking in the serene surroundings. Every moment was unfiltered and unorchestrated – just pure, exquisite love!

Sean is a surfer so of course, I had to tell that story! I love photographing beach engagement shoots. There is something about water and the sense of freedom it carries with it. Sean and Michela’s playful personalities shone through the water and there was so much happiness and laughter.

One very heartfelt memory we made together was a special tribute to Michela’s beautiful late mother. Sean bought for Michela her mom’s favourite lily flowers and she had a private moment at the end of the jetty. When I was capturing that moment in time from a distance, I felt tears in my eyes. I was overwhelmed by the love surrounding us. I think Michela’s mum’s spirit was there and I am very sure that she longed to tell us how proud she was of Michela. And how happy she is now that Michela has found her forever after love.

Michela and Sean have since celebrated their destination wedding in New Zealand, Sean’s hometown, just before the lockdown took place. I’m sure Michela’s mother would have been looking down on them with so much love as she watched her beautiful daughter marry the man of her dreams. We are so happy for you both Michela and Sean and wish you both the most incredible journey as husband and wife!

August 8, 2021

Fiance holding surf board kissing bride to be at Avalon beach in sydney for an engagement shoot with Amelia Soegijono who is a fine art film photographer

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