V’s Story

This was a magical boudoir session we had with the gorgeous lady V. We told a brave and empowering story of how V is embracing her past and courageously facing her future.

Beautiful V came to me a few months ago with her story and said that she would love to experience a boudoir session. She expressed her desire to use the shoot as a turning point in her life and rise from her past. It had been a very challenging year for her, with a string of unfortunate incidents that came one after another. Her journey to an operating room 2 weeks after the photo session did not melt her resolve to turn over a new leaf.

My heart heard her story and I encouraged her to come up with a message that will remind her of this precious journey of growing from strength to strength, despite all of her circumstances. And with my copywriter, we helped articulate her life’s message:

“Always remember, it’s in the lessons of the past we find wisdom, the fullness of the present we find grace, and the bright sparks of the future we find hope. Your life is a gift the world needs.”

Her story is deeply personal and only hers to share, so we used vintage props like this antique European daybed to symbolise her past. And we chose this soft blush gown to signify her journey blossoming into a flower that will bring the sweetest fragrance into this world.

V, I am so proud of your courage, bravery, and resolve. I photographed the part of her body where she will have a scar from the operation, double-exposed on film with her words of gold. Just like the Japanese kintsugi of golden joinery, she transformed her brokenness into precious and valued beauty. I hope this will always be a treasured reminder, as she journeys into her future.

How grateful I am to work with beautiful women like her. She inspires me, and I hope these frames and her sweet, wise words will inspire you, too. Xxx

“Some years are for growing; but this one, this one is for blooming.” – Lauren M. Garcia

Styling Sierra Ramke – Gown Babushka Ballerina – Makeup Sophie Lau – Flowers Madeline Anne – European Daybed Manor on George

December 16, 2020

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