An Elopement in Lavender Fields ~ Provence, South of France

Seeing this glorious stretch of heavenly lavender fields has been in my dreams for some time. So when the opportunity arrived to work with the very kind and talented Aurelie from Love and Provence, I was so over the moon. Together, we would create a wedding editorial to inspire love-struck couples to choose the unforgettable experiences of marrying in France – the romance capital of the world.

Our lovebirds got ready at the beautiful, luxurious Le Phebus, a hotel nestled in the heart of the Luberon, Provence.

If you don’t know already, I love stories and the power they have to evoke gorgeous emotions from the deepest of hearts.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and their stories are most likely unique.

Every time I speak to brides and grooms-to-be about their wedding day, I try to search for stories that define who they are. I try to think of effortless ways to weave these stories into their special day, so that their wedding is an event is an unforgettable expression of their love…and themselves.

In this editorial, I imagined a groom who is an artist. So I pictured him gifting an illustration of his bride – a portrait of her – on their wedding day. That first look would be so precious; so them.

When unfolding Marion and Hugo’s story, the biggest challenge for me was that the bride and I faced a language barrier. I wondered how I could tell their story if I couldn’t communicate my heart to her. I was relying on Aurelie and my kind assistant to help me translate. But in the middle of the shoot, I felt the urge to ask her something, hoping she would understand…

It was just Marion, Hugo and I – everyone else was far away from us. In that quiet space, I said softly to Marion, “go back to the time when you knew you were carrying his baby. Think about the moment when you told him.”

I think Marion got the word ‘baby’ and ‘Hugo’.

In that split second, I saw a twinkle in Marion’s eyes and my heart exploded with joy. This photograph below is that exact moment when it happened. Seeing this picture, my heart was so moved, I was trying very hard not to tear up! I am so happy to have captured this raw moment for them… I realised that sometimes, the heart can speak when there are no words. Incredible right?! After that moment, there seemed to be an invisible bond between us and the images captured were so heartfelt.

It was an editorial shoot, but the love unfolded here was real!

This was truly one of the most heartfelt editorials I have ever done in my life! Across the globe, in a bucket list location, with an A-team I could have only dreamed of. Some of these women who worked with me on this shoot are not just talented and creative, but are divine human beings and mothers who chase their dreams to pave the way for their children. Aurelie the wedding planner, Laetitia the florist, Marion the bride, and myself.

Since 2019, I am so grateful to be based in Europe, specifically France every year for 6 weeks during the most beautiful time of the year (around May – July). Click here to see my schedule for 2020.

I will be available to capture the most magical weddings and pre-weddings events for my gorgeous brides and grooms. Europe’s rich history and beauty are unequalled. What can compare to the sun setting over the Seine, the moon hanging silently behind the Eiffel Tower, shared kisses in the gentle summer breeze, fields of dancing lavender with the sweetest scent? And such a beautiful region for the guests who are coming from all over the world to explore.

Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, elopement or a big wedding in France, you will never be disappointed. With the right help, anything is possible. We highly recommend Aurelie from Love and Provence and the rest of the team who worked with us to make this story come to life!

Please take a look below to meet my incredible dream team whom I adore.

Photo Amelia Soegijono  –  Video Stéphane M  –  Planning Love & Provence  –  Flowers Laetitia C  –  Dress Helen Rodrigues featuring Lee Grebenau  –  Venue Le Phebus & Spa  –  Makeup Ylva Langenskiold  –  Hair Stéphanie Guiard  –  Car Provence Classics  –  Rings Kaitlin James  –  Invitations Crème de Papier  –  Illustration Kiara Artiste  –  Ring box The Mrs Box  –  Ribbon Song Bird Silk  –  Film lab Carmencita Film Lab


October 9, 2022

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