Château de Mairy 

Somewhere along the way, castles have become synonymous with love stories and courageous escapades. It’s no wonder that France is home to the most romantic landscapes, dotted with whimsical châteaus that are as rich with stories as they are old with irresistible old charm. Their imperfectly perfect structures beckon one to discover what has been woven into their walls that makes them so special.

In this feature, I would like to share with you a château that I have had the pleasure of working at several times. This château means so much to me as it was where I photographed one of my very first love story wedding celebrations in France. You can see the stories here and here under “Dessi and Barth”.

This heart-filled property, Château de Mairy is an authentically renovated and traditionally decorated historical chateau from the 17th century. It is located in a charming village called Mairy sur Marne, approximately an hour and a half outside of Paris. As soon as you set foot on the 10 hectares of gardens and woodland that surround the gorgeous home, you are hit by a sense of timelessness and old-world charm where time slows and rest takes over the soul.

Château de Mairy is home to a most generous family who graciously host gorgeous wedding lovebirds and dreamy gatherings every summer, providing the absolute romantic French backdrop for endless evenings sipping champagne and making memories to last a lifetime. Their daughter Romanie is the very talented florist and event planner for love celebrations held at this château. I have witnessed her looking after her clients wholeheartedly and I know that her lovebirds are spoiled working with her and her family.

That brings me to the delicious beauty of the Champagne region that Château de Mairy is located in… World-renowned for its sparkling white wine, you cannot call a sparkling wine ‘champagne’ unless it is specifically from this region. We can thank Champagne’s unique landscape and incredibly beautiful weather for producing those distinctive grapes. Speaking of fruit, Champagne is home to some of the sweetest and juiciest strawberries I have ever tasted!

When you visit Château de Mairy, something in you will come alive as you breathe in the legacy of the area, appreciate the old stone walls filled with character and the intricate antique furniture dripping in historical charm. I really can’t think of a more perfect place for modern-day romantics to celebrate their lasting union with loved ones. Dreams really do come true in this modern fairy tale castle.

November 3, 2022

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