Laetitia C. fleurs d’atelier – A brand story in the heart of Provence


There are times in life when you come across places and people that resonate deeply with your soul, a sense of home. And as a photographer, I am grateful to experience both in my journey with clients and fellow creatives alike – such as Laetitia

I connected with Laetitia on Instagram; since then, I have been captivated by her heart and beautiful craft. We met for the first time in person at an editorial shoot in Luberon, Provence. It was like meeting a pen pal. To then be invited into her world and entrusted to share her art and story with others in a brand shoot remains a privilege I hold very dearly to this day.

Our encounters have inspired me to grow, not just an artist but a mum, a wife, and a whole being.

On the way there, a friend of mine who was driving us asked me what style of photography I preferred when shooting. I told him honestly that while I have a pictorial vision, I never fully know how a shoot day will unfold because each heart is so uniquely different. And that’s the story I want to tell – the distinct wonder and beauty of the individual. In this case, Laetitia’s.

During our video consult, Laetitia and I had spoken about items that hold meaning and capsulate parts of our stories, and I asked about hers. Upon arriving at her studio, she brought me to her flower bath. It was the very one her grandmother had bathed in as a baby. As she caressed the flowers tenderly, it was there that I saw the very heart of her artistry – the soil and ground in which her roots had been nurtured. The seed her grandmother had given, the love for flowers itself.

She then shared a story with me of a little boy who went to Heaven. He had left behind a beautiful pair of scissors with his name engraved on it. It’s the scissors Laetitia uses daily to cut and shape her flowers. I asked her if we could put together a floral arrangement to photograph to give to his mum. And maybe it was the stillness of the air, or the sweet fragrance of the flowers, or the preciousness of his memory – but my heart was filled with quiet joy, and I was left without words. All I could do was be present with my camera – trying to capture that tender and healing moment. My friend looked at me and nodded deep in thought. I think he caught what I meant in our earlier conversation.

As we left Laetitia’s home, she drove us to her secret place, a forest, the place where her heart dreams and her art begins. It’s clear that this wasn’t just home for Laetitia as birds sing their songs in nearby branches alongside the quiet paths amongst hills with hues of white and green. This was the story – and it had revealed itself to my wonder-filled heart.

We walked back to the car, and Laetitia told me that the day we spent together felt like the birth of a new chapter for her. One that made her fall in love with her art all over again. The reason, the purpose, and the joy behind her creations, her craft. And it was because we had given it the space, the time, and the magic it so beautifully deserves.

This beautiful Dame de Fleur is a botanical inspiration; her floral creations are enchanting from bud to bloom. She brings Spring to everyone, and they make love grow.

What a lonely place the world will be without flowers. They make us happy, they inspire, and they make us dream.

So, I wonder the same with the rest of us – you and me. What beauty will unfold in our lives if we give it the love and attention it long for?

And with that, bisous bisous.

I wish you love, wonder, and magic
La vie est Belle xx

PS: Laetitia, Merci 🤍

January 19, 2023

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