Chateau de Villette

As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some of the most exquisite venues in the world. And when it comes to destination weddings, what I am often asked by couples are ideas for the perfect venue. One that doesn’t require a compromise of vision with practicality: a venue that boasts enchanted beauty and grandiose, all the while providing intimate seclusion, and yet is highly accessible for their overseas guests. 

Chateau de Villette is one venue tailor-made for such a wish list. Ethereal and extravagant in stature and décor, it is also only a stone-throw away from the city of Paris. Reflecting eighteenth-century French splendor and earning the name Le Petit Versailles, it is located just 40 minutes from the Champs-Élysées in the very heart of Paris. With its rich history, grand architecture, and stunning landmark, it’s no wonder the French government has classified it as a historical landmark since 1924.

Recently restored to its full magnificence, the Chateau de Villette truly is a magical place. Filled with lavish paintings and artworks, it’s where one imagines great adventures and extravagant parties – a castle fit for kings and queens, princes and princesses. Each room beckoning love stories to hearts that will listen. 

The Chateau has captured the perfect composition of romantic and classic beauty with its high ceilings, stone-washed walls, and elegant stairs against the extravagant colours and textures of its décor. All of this effortlessly and tenderly sits against the sunlit windows – overlooking perfectly manicured gardens, sculptures, and cascading water fountains, designed and produced by generations of artisans and architects over the centuries.

For the modern-day romantics, Chateau de Villette is an experience like no other. More than worth the time to explore and wonder, it is a place where one cannot help but feel like they’re in a fairy tale of their own – with each view more breathtaking than the last. Soaked in charm and romanticism, the Chateau also provides the perfect backdrop for timeless photography. And I hope these photos will give you a glimpse of that magic.

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beautiful wedding in France chateau

” Fairy tales do exist if we only look closer “

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January 3, 2023

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