Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Elsa… Did you know that most fairy tale princesses wear blue in their forever after?

It isn’t a coincidence that our beautiful bride-to-be Rose’s favorite color is blue. She loves blue because so many of the pretty things in this world are blue, like the calm ocean or blue sky on a beautiful day.

Together with Julian and her love for travel, we decided that Paris would be the backdrop to their love story. On this particular day of shooting, we ventured out at dawn to the iconic Eiffel Tower as soon as the sunlight broke the night.

The most romantic city in the world started to come alive under the gorgeous vast summer sky as they danced and twirled. And as we canonized the precious moments, my camera and heart burst with joy for this pair of lovebirds! The sun was gorgeous, the air was crisp. It was magical – it felt like we had the whole of Paris to ourselves!

The Trocadéro where we photographed the Eiffel Tower is definitely one of my top places to photograph in Paris, followed closely by the Les Deux Plateaux at Palais Royal.

I love how unique and fun this location is, reflecting Rose and Julian’s stories beautifully. Look at these beautiful rows of pillars; I wonder how many love stories they have witnessed over the years. Oh, I also absolutely appreciate how the location is an incredible wet-weather option!

With these photographs being so very true to Rose and Julian’s world, I suggested having a mirror of this story at their first dance during their wedding. With a dainty French song playing softly in the background, Rose will wear a blue gown and bring us straight back to the most romantic time we had together in Paris, as well as transporting all their loved ones to those very moments. I suspect that my eyes will be full of tears of joy as my heart explodes with happiness for them.

“And they live happily ever after…”

Photography and story by @AmeliaSoegijonoPhoto for Julian and Rose’s pre wedding in Paris, France
Hair and Makeup @makeupartist_jane – Dress rental @topbridalparis

November 3, 2022

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