The Stars – Parisian Wedding Inspiration #ASPworkshop2020

Anyone who knows me knows my world revolves around stories.

I feel they are powerful and have the incredible ability to inspire, evoke love and burst our romantic hearts wide open.

People ask me all the time where my stories come from. And here’s the secret…I don’t have a writer’s gene in me.  I wish I did, but I don’t.

However, my heart is attuned to sense them.

I search for real stories, not fantasies. And I weave them into our editorials. To infuse something that will make them more than just beautiful photographs.

To share a message that the world needs to hear.

A message of hope, love, faith.

So here’s the story that breathed life to this editorial that our workshop attendees and I managed to tell in Paris last year…

This story is about a little boy who grew into a fine young man.

He found himself wrapped in love with a girl whose world is serenaded by melodies. Separated by the oceans, he told her that when she misses him, to look for the stars and find him in the light.

Finally, the day came when he returned home and decided to marry his light, his love, at his family home – where his roots run deep.

This story is inspired by a friend’s story…

She was a single mum who had to leave her little son in another country. As a mother myself, I can’t even imagine the pain and longing that she must have felt in her heart.

Before she left, she told her son that when he misses her, to look at the moon. It will be the same moon that she will be looking at to find him. By looking at the moon together, their love would reach across the oceans, uniting their hearts.

I believe we will always find a way back to those our hearts long for…to those we truly love. To those whose souls are destined to be tied with ours.

If you don’t know already, we are hosting our annual Amelia Soegijono Photography Workshop in Paris this year (2020) from 1st-3rd June.  We are so excited to be partnering with Sarah Park Events as our stylist for the workshop, and Samantha Bottelier Events as our wedding planner to bring this workshop to life.  You can read all about the workshop here.

I wonder if you will be a part of our story this year?

Our workshop is specially designed for those whose hearts are open to love and romance. If you are like my husband, who thinks stories are only for big softies, you might not enjoy it!  But if you are like me, and grew up inspired by fairy tales, then perhaps this workshop will change your life!

My team and I will be there supporting you to grow your business from the heart.  We will help you refine your vision, harness your passion and reach for the stars.  I promise that there’s no better way to find success and fulfilment than that!!!

Will you join us?

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February 22, 2020

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