A Growing Family’s Precious Memories

Beautiful mummy, Christine, contacted me when she was pregnant with baby #2 ❤

JULY 2017

As I look through each of their precious photographs, I begin to realise that they paint the story of their beautiful daughter, Paige. From a tiny little toddler to the protective and gorgeous big sister who welcomes and cradles the hearts of her siblings in her growing hands.

Somehow our chats ended up with them deciding to invest in a collection of 4 photo shoots over a few years. At the end, we would present her family with an heirloom album filled with stories of how her sweet family has blossomed over the years.


We captured Paige’s journey of adapting as her family grew. I saw those moments of Paige being the only child, then watched her sense of wonder as they welcomed another little baby – her forever brother. I giggled as I saw them play with each other, eating grass, grabbing each other. Laughing one second, crying the next! I have seen this firsthand at home when my older child realised that cuddles can hurt and that his baby sister is not a toy 🤣 There is nothing like the love (and rivalry) of siblings!

JULY 2018

When I saw this gorgeous family again a year later, I saw Paige as this mature, sweet little lady who adored her little brother and was so gentle and caring with her new little sister. We also made sure we photographed baby no.3’s glorious hair and many more precious and heartfelt moments: mom and dad embracing the children, chasing waves, giggling their hearts out. Such bliss! I honestly had to take time to let the burst of joy settle in my heart this morning as I reflected on the moments I had together with their family.


When I clicked the last frame that day, my heart ached that our journey had ended (yes, I’m a self-confessed crybaby!).

“The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other” – Unknown

Christine, I hope I have done a good job freezing these moments in time for your family. Thank you for the incredible honour and gift to see your family bloom and grow. I hope you will forever cherish these memories.

Friends, even if it’s not me capturing your life stories, please make sure you do them. Yes, iPhone will do for everyday lives. I use it too. However, you will never regret capturing those intentional shoots created with effort – I promise!

Those truly are photographs worth a billion hearts xx

February 20, 2020

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